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Halo Heritage (Flush)

The Alternative to Timber

As the name suggests, the Heritage Collection is a range of elegant windows that are packed with the characteristics and charm of period timber windows. Less obvious perhaps is that every window shown throughout this range is manufactured, not with timber but using a specialist range of advanced PVC-u profiles.

Considerable care has been taken to capture the charm and elegance of timber, even down to the tactile woodgrain finish, but combine this with the advanced low maintenance qualities associated with modern day PVC-u products.

This versatile collection includes a number of options from the fundamental choice of sash style, through to your choice of finish from the subtle colour palette. The result of this is a range that will suit a multitude of property styles.

As well as a rebated sash option, a Flush sash is also available with a choice of standard mitre welds, or with full mechanical joints.

All options utilise the same thermally efficient chambered outer frame and all provide a beautiful white woodgrain ovolo sculptured finish on the inside.
Equally, all options include dummy sashes on any fixed windows, providing a balanced appearance and equal sight lines between your chosen configuration of fixed and opening windows.
This collection is also available in the same Heritage range of colours and with the same optional finishing touches such as Georgian bar detailing and your choice of elegant furniture.

In previous years it was a given that new windows would always be replaced with like-for-like, which in most cases meant white PVC-u.
But in recent years there has been a colour revolution and whilst white PVC-u is still going strong, today there is a myriad of other options available from dark anthracite greys, through to beautiful and elegant creams, all the way through to soft greys and greens.

Regardless of your property style and age, the Heritage Collection allows you to make a statement with colour on the outside but still maintain a fresh but subtle white woodgrain finish on the inside. French Grey or Agate Grey might work to enhance your property from the outside, but white is incredibly versatile as an interior colour and works well with just about any colour scheme, which will inevitably change over time.

Consider the character of your property – some properties in the UK will be bound by listed building rules that prohibit certain decisions around a property’s exterior appearance – while this is unlikely to be the case in many instances, it’s always wise to consider the age and style of your property before you make your final decision.

There are many properties in the UK that would really benefit from the use of these alternative shades to enhance their period features – so don’t be afraid to explore this option.
Likewise, if your mid-50s semi is crying out for a style statement, you might want to consider a smooth anthracite grey – against a traditional British brick, the grey is incredibly pleasing on the eye and can deliver an instant wow to any property.

The very latest security features have been engineered to fit all styles of Heritage Windows, to ensure your safety and security is never compromised.
With the simple turn of a handle, every window is secured by a multi-point locking system, securing points on all four sides of the opening sash, giving you complete reassurance and peace of mind.
For your safety, easy clean/fire escape hinges are fitted as standard to all side-opening windows. These will open to a full 90° to give you an alternative means of fire escape (dependent on window size) and you can slide the opening sash towards the centre to allow easy external cleaning from the inside.
The window will automatically realign upon closing and the unique dual-purpose key can be used to lock your window handle and to operate the hinge slot-bolts.

The Heritage Collection is designed to offer an innovative, low maintenance yet high performance alternative to traditional timber joinery.

A crucial design aspect that helps to create the timber look is the use of ‘dummy sashes’ where no opening window is required. This is used to give the impression of an opening sash and consequently keep the appearance identical to the other opening sashes.
The use of ‘dummy sashes’ is standard across the Heritage Collection and ensures a balanced design with equal sight lines throughout.

So why not contact us to get a free, no-obligation quotation from a member of our friendly team.