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Halo System 10

The homes that inspire us are the ones that reflect our personalities… we all have different lifestyles, favourite colours and tastes. It’s things like personal objects collected over the years, eye-catching wallpaper or a thrifty find that makes the essence of our home and everyone unique.

So we would like to show you that choosing new windows can be inspiring and that it is possible to design something that is not just functional, but becomes as unique to you as your home is.

In order to cater for the diverse mix of property styles and consumer preferences, windows and doors are now available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Using a combination of top openers, side openers and fixed panes, the range of styles is immense so you are sure to find a design to suit your home. Additionally; System 10 is also available in Tilt & Turn variations.

Similarly, there is no reason to compromise when replacing an existing bay window. Using our versatile bay posts, any combination of windows can be assembled to achieve the correct angles.

For comfort and security, System 10 windows will provide peace of mind using advanced multi-point locks and weather resistant seals ensuring there are no irritating, and costly draughts.

And using the right combination of frame and glass, your new windows will not only be draught proof, they will also be more energy efficient and even help to keep exterior noise out so you can get that all important peaceful night’s sleep.

With the rapid advancement in PVC-u technology, you would often now be hard pressed to tell the difference between PVC-u products and their timber equivalents.
This provides you with a multitude of finish options. You may find for example that choosing a Rosewood or Oak woodgrain finish will help to blend more sympathetically with your home and garden.
Colours such as Black, Grey, and Cream are also increasingly being used to great effect as well as an array of bespoke coloured woodgrain colours. And remember, unlike their timber equivalents, they will not need painting, and they will be guaranteed for years to come.

All System 10 window profiles are produced 70mm in depth, often the same depth as conventional wooden windows.
Because of this, System 10 frames are more likely to provide a direct replacement for the windows that have been removed and will refit up against existing plaster lines for a neater finish.

For your safety, easy clean/fire escape hinges are fitted as standard to all side-opening windows. These will open to a full 90º to give you an alternative means of fire escape (dependent on window size) and can slide towards the centre to allow easy external cleaning.

The System 10 window has been refined and designed to protect you and your home and provide you with total reassurance and peace of mind. The locking technology at the heart of every casement window incorporates 12 security features (subject to casement size), as well as Lockable Handles.
A total of 12 locks, in all four directions:
2 x steel shoot bolts
4 x central collared cams
2 x high security hinges
4 x unique Ultimate anti-jemmy claws

System 10 products are made at state-of-the-art UK based production facilities, driven by the very latest bar code technology. This innovative technology backed up by a highly skilled workforce achieves the perfect balance between automation and attention to detail.

Our homes continue to change in both style and dimension, with many people choosing to extend or improve on existing properties.
As we have shown, the range and number of options associated with casement windows is now vast, yet still many homes require an alternative solution whether it be for style or functionality.
There are now many alternative styles available, suited to period and contemporary properties.
These products, perhaps in combination with the more traditional window styles can really enhance your home and the usable space within it.

In some instances, an alternative solution to the casement style window is required.
Windows are sometimes positioned above a worktop where you have to reach across to open and close the window. Or perhaps there is restricted space outside where it may not be ideal to have a window opening outwards.

In these situations, you may want to consider openers such as inward opening Tilt/Turn windows. These are designed to tilt inwards for ventilation then open in fully for easy clean access.
This inward opening style could also be a suitable alternative for upper level installations, perhaps above a conservatory or similar, offering convenience of cleaning and general maintenance.

Options extend far beyond the traditional white window. System 10 offers you so much choice in terms of style and finish that you should never need to compromise.
So why not contact us to get a free, no-obligation quotation from a member of our friendly team.