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Window Shutter Installation in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire


Window shutter suppliers in Buckinghamshire

Window shutters are a stylish addition to any home, with a range of impressive benefits. From improved thermal and noise insulation to an added layer of privacy and light control, window shutters tick every box – all while adding an attractive feature to your property’s design.

At Silent View Windows, we know how important it is to choose shutters that offer top-rate performance and durability. And we also understand the importance of their appearance. The right shutters will not only match the style of your home – they can completely transform the way your house looks and feel.

That’s exactly why we take the time to talk to our customers about the results they are trying to achieve and help them make great choices. We have a vast selection of high-quality window shutters and offer customers the opportunity to customise shutters, from their shape and size down to the colour of the hinges.

Our professional team of window shutter experts cover every aspect of the installation, from measurement to aftercare. The result? You get the exact window shutters you want and need, installed to perfection, with complete peace of mind throughout the process.

You can talk to a professional window shutter expert today. Call us on 01844 397 700 to talk through your options, arrange a visit and get a no-obligation quote.

The benefits of quality window shutters

The Wow Factor

Well-installed window shutters provide a beautiful lift for any home. Their classic appearance is iconic of the Georgian and Victorian eras, complementing so many of the remarkable properties local to us in Oxford and Thame and across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire too.

Noise & Weather Insulation

With modern technology and materials, window shutters also offer a range of functional benefits for properties. They add another layer of insulation to your windows, blocking out cold air in winter and reducing noise throughout the year. That means a more peaceful home along with reduced energy bills for years to come.

Extra Privacy

Moveable shutters and adjustable slats put you in complete control of both privacy and light. Choose to let in as much or as little light as you prefer for each time of the day or any occasion. Want to block out light during the day? Shutters allow you to do exactly that without the untidy appearance of drawn curtains or blinds.

UV Protection

They’re also the perfect way to protect your furniture from UV rays and prevent discolouration and decay. Best of all, high-quality window shutters are remarkably low maintenance, saving you both time and money in the long-run.


Home Extensions


Tailored to you and your property

At Silent View Windows, we understand that no two homes are the same. You want window shutters that match your property’s character and complement your interior design. That’s why we offer a vast collection of shapes, sizes, styles and colours to choose from. Take your pick!

Hybrawood shutters in Thame

The Hybrawood range offers hardwood window shutters at MDF-pricing. Hardwood frames, stiles and rails accommodate polyvinyl slats with an aluminium core.

Basswood shutters in Thame

Basswood window shutters are made from light, durable basswood timber. The easy-to-lift wood is perfect for large windows and doorways.

Ash wood shutters

A beautiful range of window shutters with a distinct natural look. The deep textured grain sets ash wood shutters apart from the rest.

Aluminium core PV shutters

100% waterproof and extremely durable, these window shutters are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and other wet, hard-wearing environments. Aluminium core PV is available in four distinct neutral shades.

Shutters 01

Colours, shapes and sizes

Our Hybrawood, Basswood and Ash wood window shutters are available in 20+ standard shades with the option of custom colours. Where required, they’re also available in a range of specialist shapes, including arched, tapered, circular and triangular. There is even a selection of attractive hinge colours, so you can tailor your design to the finest detail.

With four slat sizes to choose from and a range of track types, you can achieve the perfect look in almost any size of window. Single, bi-fold, tri-fold or even quad, you can make your window shutters as classic or contemporary as you wish, with shutters available in heights anywhere between 250mm and 3 metres.


Local window shutter experts in Oxford and surrounding areas

At Silent View Windows, it’s all about you. We have express lead times as low as 4-5 weeks and a 36-month warranty for all window shutters, so you get a fast service and complete peace of mind. From the measurement and design to installation and aftercare, we provide the high standards of customer service our customers in Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire deserve.

Want to find out more? Simply get in touch with our team on 01844 397 700 today. We can talk you through your options, arrange a visit and provide a no-obligation quote.

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