Evolution’s New Timber Alternative Stormproof Window Range

The next generation of window has arrived.
The Storm range offers all the aesthetics of timber, using a simplicity that showcases the excellence in joinery and craftsmanship, coupled with the benefits of modern state-of-the-art technology, improved energy efficiency and greater security features.

Quite simply, the new Storm window range is totally unique and offers you a new style of window that is both practical and outstanding without the expense and high maintenance of standard timber windows.

Energy Ratings

Everyone is committed to reducing energy wastage. We use the most efficient products that will keep your energy bills low and help conserve the heat produced in your home. It has been shown that energy efficient windows will help to minimize heating costs when installed by skilled professionals. This will ensure that your Evolution windows will be a valuable asset to your home for many years to come.

Evolution windows are assessed by an independent body, based on their total efficiency, meaning that an A rated window is one of the most efficient windows you can buy.

Authentication Certificate

Every Evolution product that you purchase comes with an Authentication Certificate listing all the elements of your purchase to prove that your installation is genuine. Your dealer will arrange for this to be sent to you once your installation has been completed to your satisfaction. Please keep it in a safe place.


At Evolution, hand-finished excellence comes as standard. This is down to us employing skilled craftsmen, not technicians. In fact there are more people than machines in our factory ensuring exceptional quality every time.


Protection and safety is important to everyone, therefore the Storm range places great emphasis on security with comprehensive locking systems and shoot bolts top and bottom that are tough enough to cope with modern life.


Once you have decided upon all the details of your purchase, your nearest Evolution Retail partner will handle everything for you. They will arrange for a surveyor to assess your property and then allocate one of their skilled, experienced teams to carry out the installation with utmost care and attention.