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Origin Bi-fold Doors

Introducing the Origin Bi-fold Door…

The Origin Home is a collection of the finest quality products, designed and manufactured in Great Britain by Origin.

A fundamental part of this is the Origin Door – the beautifully crafted and expertly executed door system which is made from a premium grade aluminium.

Available as a bi-fold, a corner set, a traditional French door and a single, the Origin Door is one of the most timeless and sought-after renovation solutions. In addition to being visually stunning, because of its bespoke nature, it offers complete versatility, ensuring it meets your functional, as well as stylistic requirements.

Complementing any property – whether it be a new or existing build, an extension, or even a period styled cottage – the Origin Door is guaranteed to change the way a home is interacted with, enabling it to be enjoyed like never before, wherever you may be.

To some, a door is merely an entranceway to access a new area or room. But for Origin and tens of thousands of homes internationally, it’s so much more. It’s a transformation not only to the aesthetics of a home, but to a way of life. A lifestyle that unites surroundings and families alike.

The Origin Bi-fold Door holds the key to longer summer days, warmer winter evenings and an all year-round uninterrupted widescreen view of your world.

The flawless operation of the Origin Bi-fold Door is a thing of wonder.

The secret behind this effortless, smooth motion can be found in the bottom section of every door. An intelligently engineered short wheelbase carriage assembly with six wheels, manufactured from a high-grade acetal, guides the doors along the track seamlessly, enabling them to open and close with ease.

The slim line carriage has been designed to ensure a quiet and efficient operation, meaning that with a gentle push, a whole new living space is revealed.

It’s quality that can be seen, felt and admired.

With over 150 different RAL shades to choose from, you can be sure to find a colour that suits your style, no matter how subtle or outrageous it may be.

Ranging from bright primary shades through to candy pastels and deeper earthy tones, the extensive colour palette is guaranteed to offer inspiration to homeowners and interior designers alike.

Additionally, with a dual colour option available, it means that the exterior colour can complement the building style while the interior frame can blend in with or contrast your internal colour scheme. Many of our RAL colours come with the option of offering a matt, satin or gloss finish.

Your home, your doors – with all the little details just as you want them. As with everything Origin, all of our products are bespoke and custom to you, and the Bi-fold Door is no exception.

Ranging from one through to eight door sets, and with door leaves as narrow as 400mm and as wide as 1200mm, there is a configuration available guaranteed to match your requirements. No matter which setup you choose, you can be assured that the slim sightlines will create a sophisticated and timeless feel, helping maximise the flow of natural light into your home.

Choose your overall size, amount of doors, configuration, internal and external colour, your preferred threshold option, whether you want the doors to open in or open out, handle style and hardware colour, then let us create the architectural dream that is the Origin Bi-fold Door.

Why not contact us to get a free, no-obligation quotation from a member of our friendly team.