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Thame’s specialist supplier of timber double glazed windows



Timber Window Suppliers in Oxfordshire

Timber windows are the ultimate way to maintain or add a classic, high-end look to your home. Thanks to advances in manufacturing, that doesn’t come at a cost to efficiency. Double-glazed timber windows combine the style and heritage of yesteryear with today’s high performance.

Silent View Windows is a dedicated supplier of timber windows throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Based in Thame, we supply and install a variety of stylish, high-quality timber windows from Wantage and Faringdon up to Bletchley and Aylesbury. Call 01844 397 700 today to talk to our timber window experts.


Why choose timber windows?


While performance and variety have improved in recent years, the main benefit of timber windows is still the unparalleled style and heritage. Timber windows have been an iconic part of British architecture for hundreds of years. Having them on your property allows you to echo that history, heritage and timeless style.

So much so that it’s even a necessity for many listed properties, which account for over 1,500 buildings in Oxfordshire alone – more than twice the national average. The National Heritage List for England typically protects a property’s fixtures as well as its structure. Why? Because classic windows and doors add so much to the overall appearance and character of a building.


But that’s not all. Timber windows are also impressively long-lasting with the right design, installation and maintenance. Today, it’s become almost accepted to buy things for the short-term. Even though uPVC is impressively durable, it does need replacing when problems develop.

In contrast, timber windows can be repaired and renovated time and again. If the timber window frame become cracked or damaged, the issue can often be isolated and repaired, without the need to fork out for full window replacement. As long as they’re well maintained, timber windows can long outlive their counterparts.

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Ready to find out more? Browse our website. And when you’re ready to talk, we’re ready. We can provide an upfront no-obligation price over the phone or visit you in the comfort of your home to discuss your project. You can even visit our Thame showroom and see our products. Whatever works best for you.

Eco-friendly timber windows suppliers in the Thame area

On top of all that, timber windows are far more eco-friendly than the alternatives. They’re made from natural materials, with no toxic manufacturing processes. Because they can be repaired and renovated, there’s no need for unnecessary scrap being sent to landfill. If they do need to be replaced several decades down the line, the materials are naturally bio-degradable.

With Silent View Windows, you can also rest assured the timber for your windows is sustainably sourced. We work with partners who have FSC, MTCC or PEFC certification, obtaining timber responsibly from managed forests. That applies to a range of hardwoods including European Oak, European Redwood, Red Grandis and Meranti – so whatever your preference, there’s no damage to the environment.

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Types of timber windows

At Silent View Windows, we offer a choice of two broad types of timber windows throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Namely, timber sash windows and timber casement windows.

Find your timber sash windows in Buckinghamshire with Silent View Windows.

Often considered the most traditional windows, sash windows date back to the 17th century. They revolutionised window design, with sliding sashes that allow maximum light and ventilation. Needless to say, timber goes hand in hand with this heritage. All original sash windows were made from timber, with many still around today.

Fortunately, you can still take advantage of that light, ventilation and heritage today. Even better, you can combine it with the high performance that comes with top-rate double glazing. Silent View Windows supplies a selection of stunning timber sash windows to grace your home, whether it’s a terraced property in the centre of Oxford or a quaint country cottage in the Cotswolds.

Timber casement windows in Oxfordshire & nearby

From the classic homes in Witney to modern builds in Milton Keynes, casement windows are seen on properties throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. In simple terms, they’re windows attached to a frame using hinges, allowing them to open out like a door rather than sliding open.

Timber casement windows combine that efficiency with the character and quality of hardwood construction. There’s no impairment on function, with the same innovative locking mechanisms and weatherproofing you would expect from uPVC models. Think multipoint locking, shoot bolt handles and stainless-steel friction hinges to keep everything working smoothly, paired with high performance double-glazing.

ASP6873 medium

Specialist bespoke timber window suppliers in Thame & beyond

Another key benefit of timber windows is that they can be customised to match your home. Unlike uPVC which is limited to the specific colours of manufacture, timber windows can be painted in any colour you choose.

Will you go for a classic heritage colour like dark green or navy? A modern grey or clean white? Perhaps you’d just like to accentuate the natural look of the wood? With timber windows, the choice is yours.

That’s something you can take advantage of long into the future too. Timber windows can be stripped and repainted to transform their appearance, where uPVC would need to be replaced.

This bespoke aspect extends to the style of the windows too. Our timber sash windows are available with spiral balances, tilt-and-slide or weights and pulleys so you can get the exact type of sash windows you want. Or choose from flush and storm-proof, floating mullions, dummy sashes and deeper frames on our timber casement windows.


Timber window installation in Buckinghamshire

At Silent View Windows, our range of timber windows are manufactured to the highest standards. From carefully selected timber components to meticulously constructed timber frames, every single timber window we supply combines beauty, quality and efficiency. That’s paired with our expertise in high-performance double glazing, to give you windows that are thermally efficient, highly secure and even noise reducing.

The final step? A flawless installation. To make sure your timber windows perform to their best and really stand the test of time, we provide specialist timber window fitting throughout the local area. Oxford, Bicester, Buckingham, Milton Keynes – wherever you’re based in the local area, we’ll make sure your windows are installed perfectly. If any issues do arise, you’re not on your own – our local service engineer is on hand Monday to Friday in normal business hours.


Choosing your timber windows with Silent View Windows

At Silent View Windows, we want to make timber window installation a joy with expert support every step of the way. That starts with the search for your perfect timber window frame and glazing. Our team is on hand whenever you need us, to explain your options, offer samples or provide a free, no obligation quote.

To get the ball rolling, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01844 397 700.

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