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Smarts Bi-Folding Doors in Oxford & Thame

Specialist suppliers and installers of Smarts bi-folding doors throughout Oxfordshire

By choosing Silent View Windows for your Smart’s sliding and slide-folding doors, you will be able to open your home to the outdoors, bringing a bright, open and spacious atmosphere. Effectively opening up an entire wall, you will not only create a relaxed feeling of light and space, but also frame the beautiful views of your garden and beyond. Suitable for installation in any room, these elegant systems add a touch of finesse and provide a striking glass façade.

Smarts Visofold bi-fold doors

These multi-panelled slide-folding doors concertina back to one or both sides of the frame, to completely open up an external wall in your home and bring in more light. Smarts bi-folding doors can be tailored to fold internally or externally depending on your space.

You can also incorporate a traditional door for greater flexibility, so that you can step outside without having to fold the panels away. Once open, Smarts bi-fold doors offer clear sightlines across your garden and the beautiful Oxfordshire landscape beyond.

Why choose bi-folding doors by Smarts?

Strength & durability

Renowned for its perfect combination of lightweight and high strength, aluminium is the ideal material for bi-folding doors, providing slim designs and outstanding performance. Better still, each set of bi-folding doors features a multi-locking mechanism (including security deadlock and hook bolts), for maximum security.

Each of our doors comes with all the assurances you would expect from the UK’s leading supplier of aluminium systems. Their elegant aluminium profiles are designed to provide both strength and durability, ensuring a structurally sound solution that delivers outstanding performance over a lifetime of use.

Easy maintenance

With a lifespan measured in decades rather than years, together with extremely low maintenance requirements, aluminium has become the perfect choice for homeowners.

Maintenance for aluminium systems is simple and straightforward, with a routine ‘wipe-clean’ all that is required to keep the products looking their best. With no requirement for re-painting or re-varnishing, aluminium windows and doors will never fade, deteriorate or rust, even in harsh environments, or coastal locations.

Superior thermal protection

All Smart’s systems are designed with performance, looks and efficiency in mind, with each frame incorporating a ‘thermal-break’ to insulate doors against heat loss, raise the internal temperature of a house and help reduce the risk of condensation. As a result, you can enjoy your newly opened-up space comfortably all year round.

Customisable features

  • Configuration – when you opt for Smarts bi-folding doors, you can select the exact number of door panes that you need to fit your space. There’s also a whole host of configurations to choose from, with the option to set up the opening at the side, in the middle or even incorporate a classic door.


  • Hardware – from sleek stainless steel to contemporary black, you can tailor your door handles and hinges to match or contrast with your doors. You can also upgrade the locking system and pick either a low or recessed threshold.


  • Colour – with an unrivalled colour range (including dual-colour options), each door can be tailored to meet your own precise requirements. Using RAL or British Standard colours, you’ll be able to find the perfect shade, and each door will be powder-coated to prevent the colour fading. There’s also a range of finishes to consider, including metallic, wood-effect and textured styles.


  • Glass – whether you’d prefer single or double glazing, anti-glare or decorative glass, the choice is yours! In some cases, you can even add heritage bars to complement the aesthetic of more traditional homes.


Bi-folding doors price guide

The price you’ll pay for Smarts bi-folding doors will vary greatly according to the material you choose, the number of panes and size of the frame, and any extra features and customisations you add. However, we firmly believe that the value and flexibility they add to your home is well worth the cost.

Aluminium is one of the most durable and easy to maintain materials for windows and doors. It’s also much more affordable than classic timber designs and both slimmer and more lightweight than budget PVC. With that in mind, it’s a great middle-of-the-road solution when it comes to bi-folding doors.

Areas we cover

Looking for a time-served bi-fold door installer in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire? We’ve got you covered. At Silent View Windows, we supply and fit a range of Smarts bi-folding doors across the region.

From Wantage to Warmington and Shirburn to Shenington, you can rely on us to meet all of your glazing needs in the area. Live further afield? No worries. Our patch also extends to the next county, so feel free to get in touch to discuss your project.

Ready to open up your living space to the outdoors and let in more natural light with Smarts bi-folding doors? Give us a call on 01844 397700 or fill out the form below, to get a free, no-obligation quote from a member of our friendly team.